Thursday, September 04, 2008

An old sketch, a new drawing and high school time capsules

I love going back through old sketchbooks and drawing pads and finding doodles done years ago. It's always interesting to see how one evolves (or doesn't evolve) artistically. Similar to journals or diaries, sketchbooks provide a little glimpse into our past selves. Not as cool as the personal time capsules my high school senior composition teacher had us put together. She actually followed through and mailed them to us five years later. At 17/22, 5 years seemed like forever, and indeed, a lot transpires in those years. Great idea. Kudos!

Here are are two little sketches I found this afternoon while assessing my paper stash. Both are from 2005. The latter was has a bit of history:

Today's new piece is an obsessive drawing. 100 Books. I would love to continue this as a series of drawings... 100 X (x being an object or concept), but I don't know if my wrist will hold out. I debated the addition of color prior to adding this to my shop, but opted for black and white. Opinions?

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