Sunday, September 21, 2008

Supply Shopping Wonderland and my Studio

Today I went shopping for art supplies. I caved in, succumbed and spent (probably too much!) on a bunch of new acrylics and canvases and all sorts of goodies. I love Pat Catan's! Just walking through the isles and isles of supplies (both art and craft) inspire me to think beyond my normal boundaries and way of working. Here are some photos of what I got and how my studio space/office is becoming more and more my home:

MINI CANVASES! So unbelievably adorable. I can't wait to experiment with these.

This wall has my Gorey print (thank you mommy!) as well as my favorite little Feltidermy by GirlSavage, and a mirror from Mexico (thank you mommy-in-law).

Yay Liquitex! This is the same case I've used since OU. Wow. I found some funky stuff at the bottom.

My desk and table.


And most importantly, my fuzzy Maxi Muse.

Oh... and a couple of new birdie paintings are available on Etsy!

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