Friday, October 24, 2008

Wine Devotion

I love wine. Yes, yes it's true. I love wines of all demeanor. I'm not the best with describing what I'm tasting or smelling but I can tell the difference between grapes and I know a special wine when I taste it. Mmm... getting thirsty just writing about it!

Here's some photos of one of my favorite spots in the house and one of our current favorite bottles, Don Miguel Gascon Malbec 2007. Affordable and YUMMY! I would love to hear some recommendations of favorites from fellow wine lovers!

In honor of wine, I've listed a new lovely lady on Etsy... my "Wine Goddess." She's in the same vein as the last few fantasy/mythology/female portraits I've been working on and hope to focus on in the future...


Connie said...

Hey Jen!!

Did you know that I worked for five glorious years at the Market Avenue Wine Bar in Ohio City--over by the West Side Market before moving here?! AND ,my knowlege is almost the same as yours! I know what I like..and I know when I'm tasting something good...and I can basically taste the differences between grapes...but here's the best secret of all...all five years when people would ask me to indulge them in some wine jargon...I totally made it up each time! It was a little game I liked to play! There were always the customers that would ask you something about wine because they wanted to impress a date, or the snobs that wanted to simply impress themselves! No matter what I said--people would agree with me and take it as sacred. Even if I never had taken one sip of a wine...that was the best laugh I would have to myself.

Isn't that so evil?

But...I must say, I meet very few people who like malbec...and if I go to a restaurant that offers it, I always have a glass. I'm very fond of the grape! Also---like I say in my blogger profile---I will never turn down a glass of red wine from Argentina or Australia...those two regions never disappoint me.

Peace & Love.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Excellent painting!

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A Beautiful Party said...

how gorgeous! she does look like a wine goddess.