Monday, November 24, 2008

New work

After a small hiatus from creating due to an influx of design work, I've been able to get back in the studio and make some stuff.

First, a new painting! This piece is a combo of a stylistic direction I've taken as of late combined with the ladies I like to paint. I love the candy colored, citrus hues. I'm having a lot of fun just letting the watercolors take over and blend together in these sweet circles.

Next, I've decided to try my hand at needle felting and so far I am absolutely enchanted. It's so sculptural and fun. The wool fibers give it an automatically endearing texture. Plus, I just love cute, tiny, fuzzy things. Here is my first striped bunny creation, Marvin:

I can't wait to work some more with this fabulous medium... I think I'm just getting started. For now, I will have a few creations in my shop, but I may open a new shop devoted strictly to this art. Stay tuned!


Ricky Shambles said...

Marvin is absolutely adorable. This was your first piece? And the painting is brilliant. There is a somber tone in the eyes that is betrayed by the bright joy of the color combination which, as her dressing, makes one ask "Why so sad?" or, perhaps more appropriately "Why not joyous?"

We'll have to get together between the holidays. Ya see, I've got this graphic novel...


Connie said...

What is it with us and painting ladies?? I totally love the lime green colors! Delicious!

Plus...Marvin. Oh Marvin. He is precious! Love him too!!

I'm feeling a lot of love here for your blog today...lotta love!

Peace & Love.

Zom said...

Marvin is fantastic.

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Thank you! I loved Marvin like my first born... he has found a home and I am happy for him.

Karen Faulkner said...

Marvin has so much personality!