Friday, January 23, 2009

Rose Works Jewelry

And now I bring you, January's Featured Etsy Blogger... Rose Works Jewelry! Check out her great blog! Her interviews, features and tidbits are informative and interesting. Always a good read.

Ruthie is a mulit-talented, hard-working member of the Etsy Bloggers Streat Team. Her store, Rose Works Jewelry is a treasure trove of uniqueness. I'm especially fond of the geekery such as this Link bracelet:

In addition, she co-runs a shop with her mom called Kindred Spirit Treasures. How fabulous is that?!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something Lovely

So I spent a lot of time this evening searching for the perfect song. See, I love music. I love love love musicians and those that can express themselves through lyrics, instruments and song. It is a creative outlet that I have NO talent for. I played saxophone for awhile, I dabbled in vocals, but, well, it's not my forte. So, those that can express themselves with voice and instrument blow my mind.

And after a long search for the perfect art related song I could not quite find what I was looking for. Then... I came back to this. It's not about art. It's just beautiful and inspiring. There are a few songs, delivered by a few performers that will make me cry every time. This is one of them. (oh by the way Jeff Buckley's version makes me bawl).

Saturday, January 17, 2009


So, I made far too many new years resolutions for 2009, but by far my favorite resolution is to purchase original works of wonderfulness from my favorite artists. I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home and have an "office" space that also doubles as a studio and creative inspiration room. The walls are a fabulous, warm and spicy shade of orange. However, they are not yet fully covered by art. I hope that in the next several months this unfortunate lack of diversity will be remedied.

And that is just one room. Oh, and then there's my new found addiction to ACEOs.

So... I bring you...

Karen Faulkner's Teal Turquoise Explosion. Karen's zen-like watercolor paintings are simply amazing. On-screen her clean and colorful flowers are gorgeous, in person they are undeniably amazing. Karen's paintings are confident and spontaneous. Each flower (or heart or other joyful expression) is a treasure. I will definitely be back for more. Her joy in painting is palpable. Check out her blog as well for daily updates on her work.

Another piece I'm honored to own is the work of Ann Flowers at A Beautiful Party. I adore her sensibility. She has created a unique language and mythology in her paintings that speaks to my heart. Her ghosts and collaged girls are often juxtaposed to create thoughtful content, and sometimes they are simply playful. I was fortunate to acquire Bunny Girl before anyone else snatched her... but I also have my eye on several other pieces! Ann's blog is a joy as well!

Have you seen the work of artist Marcy Hall? No? Well, gosh darnit get over there and check it out because it is so chock full of joy and pure creative spirit that you must take a look. Marcy's work is some of the most honest and blissful work I've come across in a long time. Her commitment and passion towards her craft and inspiration is evident in her work. I'm especially fond of her animal portraits and sacred visions. I hope to one day comission a piece for my spoiled meezers. In the meantime, I was able to score this amazing treasure:

I have several ACEO's on the way and I will be featuring those artists here soon.

Yay Art! Buy handmade originals people. There is nothing like it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Woolykins Launched!

Well, it's official! The Woolykins store is open on Etsy! I am very excited to move forward in 2009 with my needle felted cuties and now they finally have a name, a story and an identity.

Here's a background blurb from the shop:
"Woolykins were discovered in Wooster, Ohio in 2008 by artist/neofuzzologist* Jennifer Hugon. This odd new species of fuzzy creature is known for its irresistible cuteness and need for love. There are many species of Woolykins, each more adorable than the next!

While many of the Woolykins resemble other known species, there have also been reports of unidentifiable individual Woolykins roaming the countryside. Fuzzy logic seems to be a dominant gene in their family tree."

*Neofuzzology is a branch of ecology focusing primarily upon the discovery of cute, fuzzy species. It has blossomed since the discovery of Woolykins.

Each Woolykin comes in his or her own storage crate with an I.D. tag and case file. How fun is that? Each case file is chock full of interesting tid bits about the unique Woolykin it belongs to. Check out the photos below to see some examples!

For now I only have two little lovelies in my shop (especially for Valentine's Day!!) but there are so many Woolykins out there, that I'm sure I'll be discovering many many more in the coming days. There's a whole wide world of Woolykins to explore! I'm hoping to devote a whole new blog to the stories behind the species soon. For now, look here to find the latest Woolykin news!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What's On My Walls, Part 1

or, What I Do When I Can't Sleep

"inside/outside," 1996, charcoal and conte crayon

I woke up this morning very early, my brain feeling rather like it must have an on-off switch. Someone had clearly turned it 'on,' because it was evident that going back to sleep would NOT be an option. Too many thoughts, plans and projects to keep the voices in my head quiet.

So, with hungry kitties in tow, I got up and got to work. There is something strange and wonderful about waking early and going straight into the studio/office. Less tension, less preconceived notions of time and deadlines.

This morning I also really NOTICED all of the wonderful art on the walls of our home. For example, yesterday I framed a Beautiful painting by Connie, aka Dirty Footprints. A photo can't do this justice in all its shimmery glory.

Or this amazing mirror by my very talented mosaic and ceramic artist sister-in-law, Claire:

Or this fascinating little gem from our good friend Jeff, a true creative spirit:

And of course, the ever-growing collection of framed photos, captured and presented by my super-creative honey. Most of them come from our travel adventures:

I have a few new pieces arriving soon from some of my favorite artists and I promise to share!

Friday, January 09, 2009

She Must be CRAZY!!

That's right... I must be out of my mind!

As a Snow Day Special, I'm offering 30% OFF of ALL of the paintings in my Etsy shop. That's right! For a limited time only (now through noon Sunday EST), you can get any of my works on paper or ready-to-hang art at a fraction of their original price!

And that's not all folks! To show my blog readers a little extra love, mention you saw the sale here, and I'll throw in an extra special secret surprise piece. It might be a treat from the archives, a favorite sketch, or a total oddity! Fun!

(I think I've seen too many infomercials lately...)

Actually, the creative bug has hit me and I'm looking to clear out some old work from 2008 to make room for new work in 2009. Yay! I love snow days!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 Look Out, Cuz Here I Come!

I must say that despite all of the fun and joy that the holiday season brings, I always feel a bit of relief when January 1st rolls around. It always feels so fresh and new and oh my goodness the sun is shining! No really, here in Ohio, a day of sunshine in January is a rare and beautiful thing.

So as I move forward into the new year, I'm quite excited by all of the adventures and challenges that are ahead of me. I have plenty of personal goals and projects, but for now I want to share with you my goals and resolutions for JenniferHayesArt in 2009!

1. Felting felting felting! I discovered this fabulously fun craft only a month and a half ago and fell head over heels in love. I have BIG plans for this aspect of my art life in 2009. First of all, I will be opening a new Etsy shop exclusively for the little cuties. I am planning on developing a real brand identity for them too... we're talking tags, packaging, and a whole imaginary world for them to exist in. I'm quite excited and will certainly post the new info as soon as it takes shape! Here are some of the goodies I have lined up to help me create a new wooly world.

2. Painting! I had mentioned in a previous post how I really looking forward to focusing my painting efforts in the new year. I want to develop a more cohesive body of work. There are several shows, galleries and festivals that I would like to participate in, and I hope to have a wealth of new pieces to show. I may still dabble in some oddities, but my main focus is taking a direction and running with it. It's the only way to really grow and develop. Here is a shot of several new pieces prepped and awaiting the brush.

3. Silk Screening! I haven't dabbled in this medium since OU, where I took a quarter long serigraphy class. I LOVED it. I was working a lot with coloring book imagery of children at the time, subverting and adding my own content for various statements on gender roles and creativity. It was the perfect medium.

Now, I'm looking to go back to screen printing as a way to combine my graphic design training with my artistic endeavors. I'm quite excited to relearn the process and I hope to add some printed items to my shop. If they do well, I may have a THIRD shop in the works! woohoo!

So, all in all, I'd say I have a lot of work ahead of me in 2009, but it feels more like playtime right now. And that is my final resolution...