Saturday, January 17, 2009


So, I made far too many new years resolutions for 2009, but by far my favorite resolution is to purchase original works of wonderfulness from my favorite artists. I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home and have an "office" space that also doubles as a studio and creative inspiration room. The walls are a fabulous, warm and spicy shade of orange. However, they are not yet fully covered by art. I hope that in the next several months this unfortunate lack of diversity will be remedied.

And that is just one room. Oh, and then there's my new found addiction to ACEOs.

So... I bring you...

Karen Faulkner's Teal Turquoise Explosion. Karen's zen-like watercolor paintings are simply amazing. On-screen her clean and colorful flowers are gorgeous, in person they are undeniably amazing. Karen's paintings are confident and spontaneous. Each flower (or heart or other joyful expression) is a treasure. I will definitely be back for more. Her joy in painting is palpable. Check out her blog as well for daily updates on her work.

Another piece I'm honored to own is the work of Ann Flowers at A Beautiful Party. I adore her sensibility. She has created a unique language and mythology in her paintings that speaks to my heart. Her ghosts and collaged girls are often juxtaposed to create thoughtful content, and sometimes they are simply playful. I was fortunate to acquire Bunny Girl before anyone else snatched her... but I also have my eye on several other pieces! Ann's blog is a joy as well!

Have you seen the work of artist Marcy Hall? No? Well, gosh darnit get over there and check it out because it is so chock full of joy and pure creative spirit that you must take a look. Marcy's work is some of the most honest and blissful work I've come across in a long time. Her commitment and passion towards her craft and inspiration is evident in her work. I'm especially fond of her animal portraits and sacred visions. I hope to one day comission a piece for my spoiled meezers. In the meantime, I was able to score this amazing treasure:

I have several ACEO's on the way and I will be featuring those artists here soon.

Yay Art! Buy handmade originals people. There is nothing like it!


Unknown said...

Beautiful artwork and hooray to buying original art! I love Karen's simple and zen style. That is a particularly beautiful piece.

A Beautiful Party said...

thanks so much for the shout out here. i just realized today I hadn't seen your blog in a while, my feed has been screwy. hopped over and was excited to see my work. I will be better about this, love your blog!

clydebink said...

I read this post after my first comment and it answers my questions. I think it's funny how quickly that happened, so I will not be deleting them.
The flower painting idea is awesome.