Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Woolykins Launched!

Well, it's official! The Woolykins store is open on Etsy! I am very excited to move forward in 2009 with my needle felted cuties and now they finally have a name, a story and an identity.

Here's a background blurb from the shop:
"Woolykins were discovered in Wooster, Ohio in 2008 by artist/neofuzzologist* Jennifer Hugon. This odd new species of fuzzy creature is known for its irresistible cuteness and need for love. There are many species of Woolykins, each more adorable than the next!

While many of the Woolykins resemble other known species, there have also been reports of unidentifiable individual Woolykins roaming the countryside. Fuzzy logic seems to be a dominant gene in their family tree."

*Neofuzzology is a branch of ecology focusing primarily upon the discovery of cute, fuzzy species. It has blossomed since the discovery of Woolykins.

Each Woolykin comes in his or her own storage crate with an I.D. tag and case file. How fun is that? Each case file is chock full of interesting tid bits about the unique Woolykin it belongs to. Check out the photos below to see some examples!

For now I only have two little lovelies in my shop (especially for Valentine's Day!!) but there are so many Woolykins out there, that I'm sure I'll be discovering many many more in the coming days. There's a whole wide world of Woolykins to explore! I'm hoping to devote a whole new blog to the stories behind the species soon. For now, look here to find the latest Woolykin news!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jennifer, could these be more perfect? You are TOO COOL! :)

I will make sure to link to them this week and get Marcy on it, too.

Congratulations on the new babies!

Karen Faulkner said...

This is awesome, Jennifer, the description, the packaging, everything! Best of luck with the launch and I expect they will be a big success.

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Thank you ladies! I'm very excited to move forward and your kind words make me smile!

Marjeta said...

I think these are fabulous!!! :)

clydebink said...

"fuzzy logic"