Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why Didn't I think of That?

Funny topic this month for the Etsy Blogger's Street Team Carnival, hosted by Stormy Designs... "What item from another sellers shop do you secretly wish you had thought of first?"

Immediately coming to mind is the work of Girl Savage... Feltidermy! It's so cute and twisted at the same time. My favorite combination. I have my very own Bookish Mouse, but here are several she has for sale right now in her shop:

What a clever idea and I'm so happy to see that it has been successful. Nothing better than original artists with original ideas getting the attention they deserve.

I can't wait to expand my collection!

February Featured Etsy Blogger

February's Featured Etsy Blogger is Donna Pool, a long time member of the Etsy Blogger's Street Team. Check out her blogs here and here. Donna's Etsy shop is chock full of variety. Of course, she had me at kitty photos...

This guy looks like he has a little Meezer in him!

And this is an all too familiar kitty sleeping pose.

And of course, the in-door hunter!

Check out Donna's fabulous photos, dolls and more in her Esty shop, Donna Pool Designs.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New painting

First in FOREVER! Having trouble getting good photos. My scanner is not so hot and it seems like I cannot take a digital image with an overall focus. I have a Canon Powershot SD750 Digital Elph. Anyone know any tricks for getting an allover focus for photographing paintings? You will see if you enlarge this that the right side is fuzzy. I've tried macro, infinity and normal settings to no avail.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Art from Some Amazing Peeps!

Hello, everyone, my name is Jennifer Hugon and I'm an addict. Yes, it's true, I'm addicted to buying art. And not just any old digital print from popular, trendy artists. No, I need the good stuff. The pure, uncut, street art. One-of-a-kind, hard-core, original juicy art. Sometimes it seems like I can never get enough. Sometimes I can go days, weeks even, and then someone says, "Hey, over here, you know you want it..." and I cave! I have to have it! It's so fresh, so unique! I love art and I'm not ashamed!

So what have I sampled lately? I can't wait to share!

First, I've been eager to start an ACEO collection and have finally given it a go with these two fabulous little treasures. First, from Tara Ross Studios is this little gem. I just love her whimsical, free style.

Next is an absolute treasure, from Eva at Evitaworks. She is an absolute sweetie from Bulgaria whose work is so detailed and fluid and just, well, gorgeous! This particular piece really captured my heart. Plus... I got to save a stamp from Bulgaria!

Okay, last but not least, I've finally gotten my very own Yaelfran collage! I just adore everything she does, from the jewelry to the books, but I just had to have an original collage. And lucky me! I was her 1,000th customer! Such an honor. The coolest chica from Buenos Aires! Plus, like me, she's a graphic designer that creates in her spare time. Love it. Check it out:

In my next addition of Art Addiction, I will share with you all of the awesome hand-pulled prints I got in Salt Lake City at Signed and Numbered... wait, I just remembered I have a screen-printing kit awaiting my attention. Dang.

Excuse me Time? Could I please get a general extension? Thank you! I promise to make it worth your while.

Lorken Food Finery

Do you live in the Salt Lake City area? You do? Great! You need to head over to Lorken Food Finery now at Gardner Village. It's just the cutest little foodie store ever! I had the pleasure of exploring it's nooks and crannies a few weeks ago while on vacation. I came home with some organic rosemary, key lime chocolate, and ginger blueberry scone mix (and a lot more! I couldn't help myself). Actually, the olive oil I brought back from Lorken is so amazing, I could sip it by itself!

If you love food and enjoy the sheer pleasure of cooking, this store is a dream. They have everything from cooking utensils to gourmet salt (omg the salt... I'll never use table salt again). They even have classes! Unfortunately I wasn't there long enough to take a class, but their kitchen looks fabulous and I hear that the world-class chefs they have on board are a real treat!

Check out how cute this place is...

In this day and age, it is SO refreshing to shop somewhere that the love of the owners for what they do is so palpable. Friendly staff, reasonable prices and an amazing selection of yummy distractions make Lorken a must-stop shopping destination. I love food and I love a creative, entrepreneurial spirit. Lorken embodies both of these things and I look forward to returning the next time I'm in the area!

Local Projects and a Return to Art

It's been a long 4 weeks, my friends. Sick kitty, vacation (a beacon of light in the middle of lots of down times), 2 weeks of sickness myself, super busy with design work, and lots of bad news from friends getting hit in these tough economic times. It's time to generate some positive vibes, and getting back to creating is a great way to start.

Here's the only thing I've done by hand since early January... but it's a start! Maybe I'll add to my shop just to get some new energy in there.

Happily, living here in our cozy little town of Wooster is providing a lot things to look forward to this year! I'm developing web sites for several amazing non-profit and co-op groups and as spring approaches there are activities abound. What are you looking forward to for spring?

I'm also tempted by Oddmall, a very hip art emporium in Hudson Ohio in early May. I would love to be a part of this show, but I'm worried I wouldn't quite be able to fill the space. Any other area artists interested in sharing a booth? I'm game if you are!