Thursday, February 19, 2009

Local Projects and a Return to Art

It's been a long 4 weeks, my friends. Sick kitty, vacation (a beacon of light in the middle of lots of down times), 2 weeks of sickness myself, super busy with design work, and lots of bad news from friends getting hit in these tough economic times. It's time to generate some positive vibes, and getting back to creating is a great way to start.

Here's the only thing I've done by hand since early January... but it's a start! Maybe I'll add to my shop just to get some new energy in there.

Happily, living here in our cozy little town of Wooster is providing a lot things to look forward to this year! I'm developing web sites for several amazing non-profit and co-op groups and as spring approaches there are activities abound. What are you looking forward to for spring?

I'm also tempted by Oddmall, a very hip art emporium in Hudson Ohio in early May. I would love to be a part of this show, but I'm worried I wouldn't quite be able to fill the space. Any other area artists interested in sharing a booth? I'm game if you are!

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Karen Faulkner said...

This is a fun piece, Jennifer! Lots of cheerful color.