Monday, March 16, 2009

More Art to Share

I am fan of hand-pulled prints. Be they screen prints, etchings, lithography etc., I enjoy the fact that they are one of a kind pieces, each having unique little variations. There is something lovely about the fact that the artist printed each and every individual piece.

While vacationing in Salt Lake City in February, my friends and I stumbled upon a great little shop called Signed and Numbered, attached a hip little record shop called Slowtrain Records.

Signed and Numbered was founded by artist Leia Bell, a mighty cool screen printer and photographer. S+N's website is a bit under construction at the moment but you can find some info there. Also, their MySpace page will give you some insight into the shop as well.

I couldn't resist coming away with several fun prints.

First, the title of this print took my heart... Kitty Stardust. Check out the little Bowie kitteh!! Unfortunately, I can't make out the artist's signature:

Second, by Marina Atherton, this adorable mousey and a his gigantic orange strawberry:

And finally, an adorable sequence of neon orange bunnies by Alexa Unser called "What They Wish"

I have a screen printing kit just waiting for me to try it out. I can't wait!


The Fab Miss B said...

I just love the mouse and strawberry! Adorable!

Katrina said...

The Kitty Stardust is by a talented artist named Nate Duval.