Monday, April 20, 2009

He Slimed ME!

New, geek-inspired dolls are now available in my shop. I have a passion for video games and role-playing games in particular. I remember spending hours and hours playing the classic NES game Dragon Warrior. This is my fuzzy little ode to the game... in wool!

Also, a new little painting... I'm really into blue and green right now apparently.


Ricky Shambles said...

I guess the better question would be who doesn't remember the slimes? Now the metal many XP.

You are brilliant. Have you heard that today? You should record yourself saying that and get a clock with a USB input for the hourly chime and use that recording every hour on the hour and, well, maybe if your clock is saying it it's a little more objective than hearing it from a friend.

Oh, and loving your use of color lately. I'd suggest putting that on your clock too, but that might be weird.

Genie Sea said...

Dragon Warrior rocked it and I love your 3D tribute to it!

And the painting... marvelous! :)

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I don't know about slimes but they look cute!

Love the painting.
I hearted you on Etsy on my other account but now I finally officially heart you as afiori too!!

Mia said...

I still own a fully functioning SNES since I was like 6 years old ^^ (Im nearly 21 now).

These are so cute! <3

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Thanks everyone! The slimes are a lot of fun to make. Perhaps I'll explore some other pop culture inspired dolls!

Mia, I still own one too (and an old school NES!) and I'm 32 – and still gaming away! ;)