Monday, July 27, 2009

40 Seeds – Creating for a Good Cause

Earlier this summer, a friend, fellow self-proclaimed nerd and local food diva came to me with a proposition – would I help create a logo for her ex-"seed"-ingly (forgive me!) giving and noteworthy project, 40 Seeds: Prepare a Harvest to Share.

Jennifer McMullen, author of Rolling in the Dough, contributor to The Ethicurean, and a major force behind Local Roots Market & Cafe (more on Local Roots soon!), has created a unique and inspiring challenge to celebrate and honor her 40th birthday. To quote from her post about the project:

"We all need to be nourished by good food, and we can all help each other in ways that might be as tiny as a seed, even when we ourselves need help. Times are tough and getting tougher for so many of us, but there is still much we can do. So this summer, I'd like to ask you all to plant forty seeds -– literally or metaphorically -– of hope for other people."

How awesome is that!? Jennifer goes on to give suggestions on a variety of ways in which you can contribute. They are creative and inpsiring. There are just so many ways to participate! Read more about it here on Rolling in the Dough!

So I've been trying to figure out the best way I can do my part. After much deliberation I've decided to add a section to my Etsy shop which will feature work that fits the theme of the 40 Seeds project. That could be food, seeds, giving, sharing, caring, planting and so forth. I will put 40% of all proceeds into a fund for a local charity or initiative that fits the bill. When I reach $400 I will donate the money to said charity... and the balance will start anew, for another worthy cause! This means that there is no limit on how many "seeds" get planted or how high they may grow!

Here are the first two pieces I am planting:

How would you plant 40 seeds?

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