Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Creative Exercise – 25 Adjectives

This week's Creative Exercise was again inspired by Caffeine for the Creative Mind, by Stefan Muma and Wendy Lee Oldfield. That book is RICH with fun ways to stretch your creative muscles!

The challenge: Very Green
The idea here is to take a photograph you find interesting and come up with a list of 25 adjectives to describe the photo (which can mean the content of the image or the photo itself). I selected this image:

My adjectives:
1. mysterious
2. floating
3. vibrant
4. dynamic
5. contrasting
6. well-composed
7. abstract
8. non-traditional
9. feminine
10. masculine
11. balanced
12. colorful
13. strong
14. fluid
15. dramatic
16. Mediterranean
17. traditional
18. misunderstood
19. divergent
20. lush
21. anticipatory
22. tense
23. strong
24. celebratory
25. dangerous

What was learned: I found this to be another exercise in perception. The adjectives I selected run the gamut from describing the image's formal qualities to the content. Looking back at my list, I feel like I've composed a mini-critique of the image! What a good way to get my brain re-adjusted to thinking formally about images.

Try it and share it! There are so many intriguing images that come across our plates every day, some voluntary, some forced at us through advertising. It's interesting to look at these images from a critical viewpoint. As you read your favorite magazine, or drive down the highway, instead of viewing the bevy of ads as visual garbage, try looking at them with a critical eye. You might be surprised at what you find!

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