Friday, August 07, 2009

Felt Friday – Victor Dubrovsky

White Sad Dog, by Victor Dubrovsky

Several weeks ago, Drawn, The Illustration and Cartooning Blog, featured the work of Victor Dubrovsky. Victor is a Russian artist with a wonderful eye and a quirky style. If you visit his website, you will find illustrations, photographs, and some of the sweetest, most stylish felted animals I've come across.

An Unidentified Needle Felted Animal, by Victor Dubrovsky

I just adore his use of a natural, subdued color palette. The animals have such a gentle, earnest look about them, with their glass eyes and exaggerated features.

Needle Felted Fox, by Victor Dubrovsky

Even the photography of his work supports the his vision and the unique character of these one-of-a-kind critters.

You can also visit his blog for more insight into Victor's work, including poetry, sketches and more lovely photography. I can't get enough of this cat...

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