Friday, August 28, 2009

Felted Friday – How to Get Started

I thought I would focus today's Felted Friday on some resources for folks who might be interested in trying their hand at needle felting.

First, here are a couple of youtube video tutorials that I watched when I first said to myself "How do you DO that?!"

by Ricë , an all around creative powerhouse.

by Kay Petal of FeltAlive

There are also many fantastic web sites with tutorials, books, resources and more. Here are just a few:
Living Felt Felting Supplies
Black Sheep Designs: Needle felt a doll tutorial tons of resources!

And, here is a great resource for farms that raise happy sheep and provide cruelty-free wool:
Dancing Leaf Farm
Homestead Wool and Gift Farm

The best is to get your wool from a local, trusted source. Thankfully I live in rural Ohio and have access to wool from sheep who are loved and taken care of!

Happy Felting!

1 comment:

Ricky Shambles said...

Woman, you have ruined me! I've been closely watching your amazing skills and thought passively "yeah, I might like to try my hand at that...but I've got no idea how!" And now I have an inkling of how.

I have woodcarving to master with my grandfather's tools first. But maybe a few years?...I shall champion the needlefelt industry!

Seriously, thanks for this - I think it helps people knock the fear out of the process.