Friday, August 21, 2009

Felted Friday = New Woolykins!

Okay, so Felted Friday is a little self-indulgent this week, but I just have to share! I'm so excited about discovering these new Woolykin beasties! You met Eustace a little while back, but did you know where I found him?

And now, I would also like to introduce you to Sherman, the Bun Giraffe! He is quite the little hunter in my herb garden...

A special thanks to
Maria-Thérèse over at Afiori for the inspiration to photograph these critters in their natural environments!

Speaking of Afiori, I just received my brand new journal from her shop today! Isn't it lovely? And look at that packaging, what a treat! It's like a party in the mail! I've got my pastels and neon watercolors all ready to prep the pages for some writing. I can't wait to fill it so I can get another!

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Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

oh wow wow you blogged it! The book looks SO happy in its new environment!