Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Inspiration – French Milk

One of my favorite shopping pastimes is to hit the bargain bins at Borders. I've found so many amazing books for amazing prices. On my last excursion a week or so ago, I found this absolutely charming book, French Milk, by cartoonist, Lucy Knisley.

The book is a drawn journal of the author's 6 week trip to Paris with her mom. It's adorable, funny, well paced and sometimes poignant. More than anything, it reminded me of our trip this summer and it made me smile...

You can find out more about Lucy on her website, Stop Paying Attention which has comics, illustrations, tunes, toons and more, including a link to her Live Journal blog, which is down right adorable and funny to boot! I just love her style, sense of humor and insight. Oh... and Bunnies! (see above excerpt from French Milk).

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