Thursday, September 17, 2009

In the Studio - New Photography, New Woolykins

I've been spending a lot of time recently revamping my vision for the Woolykins shop, bringing it more color and life. A major part of this renovation was taking better photographs of the dolls and their packaging. For this purpose, I enlisted the help of a tabletop photo lighting studio.

The kit is so-so. The lights are bit weak and the fabric (though it gives 4 color selections) is low quality. You can't quite get the wrinkles out and the white sheet is stained quite badly from the blue sheet. But, it does give better lighting, less shadows and with a little resourcefulness and photo editing, gives some nice results.

Without further ado... yeti (s?)!

You can check out all of the new dolls and improved photography in my shop.

The other project I'm excited about is this...

... just now beginning to take shape and I look forward to sharing my explorations with you.

Creative Dig is next week in Cleveland. I'm so excited! Andrea, Connie and Christine are putting together such a fun day! Hope to see you there!


Julia Bolchakova said...

I think your cute yeti(s) will photograph well in direct sunlight. Just sit them on the grass - they'll have fun! :)

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Heehee thank you! I think they'd like that very much! :)

Connie said...

I love the yeti's!! I think I need to have one!!

ANNND!! When I saw the art journal I squealed!!!

Can't wait!!

Peace & Love.