Friday, October 23, 2009

Fave Etsy Finds - Steampunk Fashion and Photography

Ok. So I know this isn't exactly a new trend or anything, but as an "old" goth chick I just have to celebrate the Steampunk. The aesthetic, the intelligence, the historical reference, the fantasy, the science and industry... what's not to love?! Here are a few of my favorite steampunk finds on Etsy.

Vintage Tuxedo Skull Jacket by mydeepbluec

Shirkster, 5" x 7" metallic photo print by lexmachine

Vintage Style Steampunk Blaster Ray Gun by doctorsteampunk

Portmanteau 8" x 12" photographic print by exoskeletoncabaret

Unplanned Landing, 12" x 8" photographic print by vorpal


A Beautiful Party said...

i've never heard of steampunk. looks interesting!

Unknown said...

Thanks for showing off my photography! Lovely post.