Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fave Etsy Finds – ZOMBIES!

I realized something this morning... I only have 3 weeks till Halloween! Aside from the nightmares revolving around my costume (seriously, I have nightmares about it being Halloween and STILL not having a costume), I have only 3 weeks to share my favorite Halloween Etsy goodies. Not that I would let it stop me year-round – Everyday is Halloween, after all.

Today, I am focusing on zombies*.

First, for all your lunch-packing needs:

Zombie MMM-BRAINS Lunch Bags by sammo

A T-shirt to advertise your assets:

Zombies dig chicks with brains tee by CherryPiePunk

An educational poster for the classroom or office:

Know Your Zombies Poster by lizstarin

The cutest knitted doll to ever want your brains:

Knitted zombie figure by cakeyvoice

And of course, a zombie/cute animal hybrid pair of shoes!

Zombie kitty Mary Jane shoes by emandsprout

*Yes I have zombie dreams on a regular basis as well. Not to be confused with Zombie Nightmare, one of my favorite episodes of MST3K and a great B-Movie in its own right.


Gypsyheart said...

those were great!

Laura said...

I'm smitten with the zombie brown bag! Look at all the cute Halloween stuff I found on Etsy: http://glammed.blogspot.com/2009/10/halloween-finds-on-etsy.html

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Elledee: I love all your finds! Great stuff.

Ricky Shambles said...

Brilliant post. I actually had a zombie dream just last week - one of the most vivid dreams I've had in months. Horrid yet wonderful.