Friday, October 23, 2009

Felt Friday – Jewelry

Who know needle felting could yield such gorgeous and fun jewelry? Well, these artists sure did!

Dots Merino Wool Necklace by MaisyandAlice. So Modern!

Tree Branches Necklace by Stemellina. I LOVE this color combo.

Manic Organic Felt Bracelet/Necklace by 3FUN. Oh the possibilities!
Fiber art and bead clam shell neck piece by glorioushats. The intricacy of this piece is amazing.

Monkey Head Pin by violetpi. Just plain adorable, as is their entire shop!


fel4u said...

Beautiful picks !!!
Thank you very much for including my necklace♥

Jane Carlstrom said...

So many ways to use that needle for needle felting just roving, roving/yarn into base fabric, and adding beads, embroidery...... all great selections.

Thank you so much for finding my work and featuring it her with these other lovely pieces. Love the range and character within this grouping.


maisy and alice said...

What a lovely surprise to find my work featured here with these lovelies! Thank you!

elaine merrett said...

what beautiful jewelery I must try to make some when I have time.
Too many crafts not enough time is my motto.
I so enjoy needle felting and yours is lovely