Friday, October 09, 2009

Felt Friday - Smile!

Today I bring you some of the cutest, cleverest and wackiest little felted finds from Etsy. It's been a long, rough week so I figured we could all use a smile. And, after all, it IS Friday!

Pocket Ninja by Gypsyharte

Needle Felted Half Dozen Donuts by xenophon

Blue Striped Bunny by kmwatkins

Fish, by Grazim

Tax Man Voodoo Doll by Butterfae


Julia Bolchakova said...

Awwww this bunny! 8)

Sweet Felts said...


Thanks Jenny for posting my mini donuts. Yes, I like them alot. And a guy friend even attempt to eat them.

But your other finds a very nice too. I love the voodoo doll.

Nice job Jenny for giving us a nice smile to begin our day. Thanks.


The Baklava Queen said...

Mmmmmm... donuts... ;-)

Those ninjas are a hoot!

I always love visiting your blog, Jen, it makes me smile so much...

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

I love to share some smiles where I can!

:) Have a great weekend everyone!


Gypsyheart said...

What a great collection of felty awesomeness. I really like that unusual fish. Thanks for showing off my ninjas.
More ninjas here..