Thursday, October 01, 2009

In the Studio - Old is New

This week in the studio, I'm working on a new series of paintings that harken back to an early obsession of mine... coloring books. I'll give you some more background as the series develops. Right now I'm working with vintage pages as a collage element. It's just in the noodling stage right now, as I have some concept issues to work out...

This is more "serious" work for me, an extension of where I abandoned my body of work when I left college and entered the "real world."

Another favorite subject of mine, food, is making a come back in my studio. I guess I'm getting back to my roots! Although, now, my approach to food in art is joyful, playful and colorful.

These two pieces are available in my shop. I'm planning on some fun products to go along with these pieces. Stay tuned for me info!


Connie said...

Jen!! Last night, out-of-nowhere I had this vision of the green peppers I drew a million times back in high school. Immediately after I had this longing to draw the food in my frig. I woke up this morning and just wrote in my journal that that's what I plan to do next. I got goosebumps when you spoke of painting food and going back to your roots. I think that's what is happening with me as well.

WOW! I love when that kind of thing know coincidence, or serendipity, or something special like that!

Peace & Love.

PS I love ALL the paintings here--I'm excited to see where the coloring book series takes you.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

How exciting to see where all of this will lead! I find the one with the girl intriguing. Always nice to see someone else's work table as well!

A Beautiful Party said...

looks exciting! can't wait to see where it goes!

Unknown said...

I love both directions and agree with Maria - the girl is so intriguing, like a "fill in the blank" narrative. Love it!