Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Inspiration – FRUiTS

Are you familiar with FRUiTS? I'm addicted.

FRUiTS is a montly magazine focused on Japanese street fashion and the youth of Japan creating their own style, independent of the fashion industry. There are also several wonderful books published by Phaidon that compile some of the best images captured by photographer Shoichi Aoki. Here are a few to whet your whistle...

I just adore the color, whimsy and sense of individualism. A bit costume-like, sure, but HOW FUN! I think I may be a bit too old to rock most of these looks, but check this last one out, my favorite find. Where can I get this outfit! Très chic!


A Beautiful Party said...

ay yi yi i love this book!

Connie said...

In my next life I so want to be a Fruit!

Peace & Love.