Monday, November 09, 2009

Art Every Day Month – Weekend Roundup

This weekend was a flurry of art and energy!

First, Local Roots opened it's doors on Saturday morning with a Farmers' Market that was bustling with activity. After helping to get the credit card machine working and chatting up the producers and shoppers, I did my own shopping and came home with TONS of yummy goodies.
There will be another farmers' market this weekend and the following Saturday, the 21st is our first annual Holiday Market.

This is what kept me busy artistically this weekend. My first art sale is only 2 weeks away! Along with promoting and helping to get Local Roots ready for the event, I've been jamming trying to get myself ready!

Eek I need more Woolykins to fill these baskets!

Finally figured out some display issues...

Speaking of art sales/festivals, I had an opportunity to visit Oddmall in Hudson, Ohio this weekend as well. What a great event! I bought a Dead Penguin in earphones from Violent Belle:

And, a pair of d4 earrings from It's a Gamer's Thing:

(Super Geek Girl Says: Now I don't have to look further than my ears to roll damage for my dagger.)


Susie said...

Your display looks great. I really like your drawings that I could see in your first photo. I wish you the best with your art sale.

The Baklava Queen said...

Oh, Super Geek Girl, you are too much. ;-) Wish I could show off my wares for the market, too, but... well... they ain't baked yet...

Connie said...

Wow!!! Things look like they're coming along AWESOME!! YOu are going to rock that art show! Have fun!!

Peace & Love.

A Beautiful Party said...

good luck with your sale!! and please report back to me when you finish battlestar. i'd love to hear your thoughts.