Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Fave Etsy Finds – Hats FOR Animals

above photo from CuteOverload.com

Last week I shared a collection of Animal Hats that I adore. So how else to follow the cuteness of animal hats, but with animals IN hats!

Hedgehog with Hat by poordogfarm:

Monsieur Verne - 4 X 6 print by matouenpeluche:

Sir Fancy Rabbit mens' Tshirt by Deadworry:

Deputy Dog card by MemoryMakerGiftShop:

Beau Bunny Rabbit Santa Portrait by TheDecoratedHouse:

Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Inspiration - Saul Bass

I watched Vertigo this weekend and was reminded of how much I enjoy the posters and design of Saul Bass. His distinctive style is iconic and has been influential on so many contemporary graphic artists. Just look at the number of familiar logos he has designed!

You can read and view more of his work on his site here. Another of my favorites below.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Fave Etsy Finds – Animal Hats

Inspired by the absolutely darling tiger hat over at A Beautiful Party, I went on a search today for more fun and fabulous animal hats on Etsy. I was not disappointed!

Whisker Fox Hat by ForwardMotionArt:

Snow White Bunny Hat by Doriumlux:

Fleece-lined Otter Hat by NaturallyCraftyShop:

Angry Panda Hat by PirateCamp:

Felted Chocolate Dog Hat by fiberpuppy:

Working from home I have the freedom to dress as silly as I want. I can just envision myself in any of these hats, designing corporate brochures and giggling to myself. Cheers!