Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fave Etsy Finds – A Sci Fi Kind of Morning

This morning, I embrace my inner geek and bring you some fun Sci Fi finds from Etsy:

Kokeshi dolls. Princess and pilot inspired custom set by temple7e

Sci Fi Swears Tack Pin Set by incognerdoAnswer to Life, the Universe, and Everything Earrings by pawandclawdesigns

Earrings- Lets explore the universe together by Happypeartree

And of course, a Mystery Science Theater 3K Gizmonics patch by NeitherSparky

Monday, February 01, 2010

Inspiration – The Project Plan

"I love it when a plan comes together..."

Last week, I pulled the trigger and reserved my booth for Oddmall this May. Immediately I was overcome with thoughts of "Holy $@#!, can I actually make this happen? Can I possibly produce enough Woolykins and Woolygeeks to make my booth look full? And the display! How do I even begin planning this sort of endeavor?"

I consider myself to be a fairly organized person, capable of juggling multiple projects and endeavors; graphic design clients, needle felting, painting, Local Roots design work, house upkeep, numerous side projects... but this Oddmall beast was the last straw. Panic had set in and I needed help!

Enter the Project Planning Guru (aka, my sweetie). The Project Manager Extraordinaire swept me off my feet with his expertise in planning complex tasks. My mess of notes on what needed to be accomplished became an organized series of manageable tasks with concrete deadlines and checkpoints. It is flexible, yet structured – just what I need!

I will spare you the details of my plan, but suffice it to say, the overwhelming and multifaceted task of preparing for Oddmall has become both manageable and realistic! The relief I now feel at having a plan of attack is priceless.

Can something as dry as a "project plan" be an inspiration? You betcha!

(A great big thank you hug to my man behind the plan...)