Thursday, November 11, 2010


Last weekend I participated in the Oddmall market in Hudson, OH. While the foot traffic was a bit slow, the show was still a lot of fun and it gave me time to enjoy the work of other vendors.

One that I just could not resist was Yummy Pancake. Cute, cute and more cute! I was going to procure a taco for myself (see below) until I saw the ZOMBIE TACO!

 i love this product shot.

picture this as a zombie = + 4 to cute

Speaking of zombies, I cannot wait to watch The Walking Dead. What with all the zombies on the brain (get it? zombies? brains? ba dum dum), I couldn't help but create a zombie hoard of my own. 

Wool Braiiiiiiiiinsssss!!


A Beautiful Party said...

looks like fun! i wish i lived in the area.

Anonymous said...

yummmmmmmmy bbbbbbbbbrarraaaaaaaaaiinsssssssssss