Friday, July 22, 2011

Woolykins at Local Roots Market & Café

The wonderful rustic shelving at the market worked perfectly with the distressed cabinet I got for the guys.

Local Roots Market & Café in downtown Wooster, OH, is now a showcase for some Woolykin friends! Thanks to the hard work of some talented and visionary ladies, the artisan space in the lower half of the building is really evolving into a fantastic display of locally produced, hand-made goods!

A few days ago I set up a shelf in the market where there will be a rotating batch of bunnies, mushrooms, droplets, veggie magnets and various other wooly critters. I plan to add a few more fellows this weekend. You can expect more magnets, a new colorful bunny and hopefully a few surprises.

Speaking of this weekend, the market is having an impromptu artisan day! Many of the talented and friendly local artisans that showcase their wares at the market will be on hand, hanging out and available to chat about their work. Come visit us and take the opportunity to also pick up some fresh vegetables, fruit and other locally produced food. And if you are around for lunch, the café is open too! I can vouch for the yumminess.  I promise to share some photos of the day, along with some of the other artisans and their fabulous fare!
Mr. Green Stripey Bun (he'll let YOU give him an official name!) is waiting for a ride to his forever home.

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Anonymous said...

that's a really nice setup. I wish good luck to the Stripey Bun as he attempts to find his forever home!